Screen Recorder - Record Streaming Music and Microphone Voice

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Screen Recorder

Record Streaming Music and Microphone Voice



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Record Online Music, Screen Activity, Streaming Video, Video Game, Skype Call, Lecture and More. Capture Windows & Mac Computer Screens, Video and Audio Editing Features Help You Get the exact Output File.


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Great hunt dear friend
This is really useful application through which we can record and stream videos on social platforms.
Thanks for sharing with us.

Seems a nice one would be useful for gamers and streamers to record live streaming for later nice find

it seems very nice screen recorder with multi features with skype call, gaming, audio and video editing and more. have a good day ahead

This is a good way to record all the calls you do for work, whether through Skype or Zoom, so that you have a record of what was said and agreed. Nice tool and nice find!

With this, you can record online music and enjoy

Cool application! I never heard of it. I will use it at a disco or a concert by my favorite singer. I found some apps on that work exclusively to record video, webinars, calls. I think the QuickTime player is used to recording music, but I wouldn't say I like its slow functionality, low-quality sound recording, and large file size. I hope this one is a lot better. I am too excited to try it on my Mac, even if I had an old laptop version. Thanks one more time for sharing.

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