Thimble by Mozilla - An online code editor for learners & educators

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Thimble by Mozilla

An online code editor for learners & educators



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Hunter's comment

I hear you 'another online code editor' but Thimble is a little different and worth checking out if you haven't already.

Thimble has all the features you expect live reloading, snippets, console, syntax highlighting, remix(fork), sharing etc.

I've been a big fan of Codepen for many years and have used it for multiple projects and to help teach a bunch of people the basics of programming. Often people get confused(think it's over complicated) when trying to work on "real" projects where you have multiple files and multiple programs I find Thimble bridges the gab better.

Multiple File Support

Thimble supports multiple files, linking between those files, image support and feels more like a traditional coding environment. It is similar to Codepens projects ( although having more than one project on Codepen is a Pro feature only.

Tutorial Mode

One of the differentiating features of Thimble is it's tutorial mode. I've not seen this in any of the alternatives. Creating a tutorial.html file within your project create toggle-able tutorial that allows you to read note/follow along while also keep the code open.

I've used this personally on workshops I've taught and the reception has always been great. Outside of teaching i've used Codepen a lot more frequently but find the multiple file support (on free accounts) super useful for new coders.

Check it out if you're teaching/learning code. Interested to hear if you have any thoughts on online editors vs traditional setups.



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Great hunt!

The lines of text below contain my opinion about this product. I'll write down the things I like or dislike about it.


  • live changes, you can see what you modify in your code with a live preview
  • code snippets
  • get live hints while you code
  • your code is colored, helps your attention


  • nothing

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