The Founder - A Dystopian Business-Simulator

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The Founder

A Dystopian Business-Simulator



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Hunter's comment

I’ll start by apologising if the rest of your day is a little less productive than expected 😬.

I’m a sucker for these type of games. I promise myself i’ll just have a quick look and before I know it 2am rolls around and I’m waiting for my AI controlled satellite product to be finished. 😂

If you’re in dev/tech/startup land you’ll probably find a few laughs and unfortunate ironic truths playing through this game. It’s a typical click, click, wait… text-based(with nice interface) game. Start a humble web shop and turn it into a mega corp in a few short hours. Will you go hardware, AI, Social-network, perhaps orbital internet delivery? Like many of these games it get’s a little same-old same-old quickly but I felt it provided enough entertainment for a single play-though until the end game.

Let me know how far you get.



Hunter: @sambillingham

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Damn !!!! I started playing it yo ! Cool game

Awesome hunt ! Your hunt is now verified.

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NIce Sam... obviously I'm not going to click on this at all... got way too much to do today, but the artwork looks great and obviously my disruptive company would be all about orbital internet delivery.. how else could people get their jetpacks?


Haha should totally come with a productivity warning!

I'm onboard, shout when the jetpacks are ready and we can get started on the zero-g ninja course 🤙


Haha, I will join you in not-clicking. Or I will put the link on my backlog; there I will never find it again and my productivity will be saved ;)


smart move :)

Wow love the concept and the website interface!! Thanks for your great hunt :)

Haha thanks for this awesome hunt! I am also the one who clicked this and played it while typing my feedback


  • The game is pretty simple yet can be addicting. What I do like is it can be played and just leave it as it is and keep them creating some laptops and cellphones.

  • It is somehow, true especially the burn-out part haha some employees would want to have some perks it is not always work work work!

  • By completing some task you can unlock not only some handful employees but also product.

  • Lastly, location and the skills of the managers really do manage, if they are all correct definitely the business will grow


  • None for this game ( Let's see what will happen on my mini company)

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I love the simulation. Actually, it made me feel like Jeff Bezos :D Nice graphics, too much fun!

@sambillingham you were flagged by a worthless gang of trolls, so, I gave you an upvote to counteract it! Enjoy!!