Runtastic GPS Running App - Your Health and Fitness on your steps

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Runtastic GPS Running App

Your Health and Fitness on your steps



Hunter's comment

If you want to burn calaries and be active always and lose your weight with pedomerter app. THis application count your daily step and provide notification how much your remaining step.Its tracke your distance your activities with out any hard work. You can monitier your dailiy weelky activities and set your goal in how much time you wantt to get fitness.This application also avialbe in premium version.

Runtastic Review!



Hunter: @salmannaqvi

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Hi @salmannaqvi,

Thanks for your hunt. Technically this could be considered a duplicate because the Runtastic app has been hunted already.

But because Runtastic Pro is the old version, I will approve it. Yet I must ask to first correct the product title and name it as the app is correctly named: Runtastic GPS Running App.

Let me know via a comment reply when you’ve made requested change.


Thanks. Change Done


Thanks, approved.

I have watched the introduction video, seems something interesting and very useful, great hunt


:) Thanks for your comment enisshkurti

Perfect application to lose weight and for health reasons it is always necessary to walk, I love this application, it motivates us to finish our journey, supervises our activity and establishes the objectives, excellent hunting


Yes its connect with google fit

Hii @salmannaqvi, you shared a amazing hunt named "Runtastic GPS Running App" That is really a brilliant app for athletes and best to show about the burning calories with complete detail. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks you can check google fit this is really awesome