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Spacial effects Video Editors


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LIKE is a magic video editor. Its Depend upon you how much creative you are. It have more then 300 Effect like Superpower flying and magic effects which make your video more intresting. You can dicover more idea though social intrection all over the world though this application . With the use of this application every one become magician.


  1. Magic effect and filter
  2. Make acting video and turn into protagonist of movie.
  3. 4D magic unique effect
  4. Make video and turn your crector into superpower action
  5. Differents effect like fire star dust rani boom etc.

LIKE Video editor Review

Like availabe in 23 multi langauge with all beautiy filters face stickers and Magic live.


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Very impressive app. let's you record amazing videos and share with an awesome audience. more fun than getting punched in the face any day

That means we can make video according to our choice, that's really very interesting. It seems awesome video editor for creating any type of video. We will make fun there😃

G Bhena it is really intresting.

This is the best video making app. Trust me Better than other apps.. This gives u the option to lengthen the video sound and filters and stickers are so cute.. Which the other video making apps are lacking. I am satisfied with this

This is truly magical. This will turn many people into professionals. videos editor like this can bring out people talents because they only need little work to come out with creative stuffs. I need to explore this and do sone wonders with it. Nice hunt!

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Is this like TikTok but has some special effects on it? Because the thumbnail is pretty cringe. Adobe After Effects is still the BEST Spacial Effects Video Editing software. But I love the thumbnail tho, despite of being cringe. It seems fun :O

Cool App and it sure will make the editing much more fun and exciting as well and the edition of effects and filter on it it does really looks very effective and the video does reveals quite interesting way of edit ;)
Nice Hunt

This is a really neat special effects video editor!!! Do you know what the cost is to buy this software? I would love to make some videos with it. I've got a bunch of ideas already lol

Haha that guy in the video though omg he kills me 😂

With this, you can attract more users to view your videos because of its enhancement and its special effects. The app has many features that they can use as affects and you can choose and pick your own style of these effects.

Video editing is a fun and it is not easy for everyone if they have not smart tool. And now you editing work easy for them with this great tool.
There are much nice editing features included like special effect called magic effect, after use this tool your character convert into a super power character and also there are available multi type stickers for enhance your videos.
Great tool with great search for SH and all users.

Ha ha ha. I am gonna recommend it to my younger brother.
He will love it.


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