Who is Right? - Two sided debate where the public decides who is right

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Who is Right?

Two sided debate where the public decides who is right



Hunter's comment

Sometimes you and your relatives, family or friends get into a heated argument or debate discussion where you seem to be right and the latter view also thinks that his own opinion is right too.

Well this app this is right comes into play where you invite a person and post a question, the public will vote on the argument you both had to know the public side on who is right.




Hunter: @saho


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Hello friend this is a great application, very good hunting was good, is very helpful and serves for anyone who needs an opinion or advice and more if you are in a big fight and need to open your eyes and know who is right. This application is very easy to use.

It will be a great platform for political discussions. Hope they will reach out to maximum college to understand the views of different topics.