Electric Skateboard - Backfire G2s Skateboard

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Electric Skateboard

Backfire G2s Skateboard



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Super Pliable Deck
Do you know Electric Skateboard are so much fun 😄 the skateboard is made up of 8 layers of Hard Rock Maple. This make it flexible yet more solid on the ground, it absorbs most of the shocking during riding. The board provides great support to your feet when turning.

  • Advanced Battery Technology
  • Unique Hub Motors
  • 4 x 80mm wheels plus 4 x 96mm wheels
  • Sealed and protected, water and dust resistant, more reliable
  • Caliber™ II 50-DEGREE
  • 94cm x 22cm x 11cm
    For those that loves skateboarding, this is meant for you to a whole new level.




Hunter: @saho


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@saho amazing your search with this product. Good hunting. I will leave my opinion below.


  • It is a skateboard a little more flexible to the ground.
  • The table provides great support to your feet at the time of a turn, as well and protects a little more.
  • It has a very advanced battery.
  • Resistant to water and dust.


  • None for this hunt.

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Nice hunt! Really dig the new e-skateboards or bikes. Waiting for e ski or snowboards! How much fun would that be! :)

Maybe, as an advice you can place some photos in between the text, creates a better layout. Also I always find it interesting to know how long the battery lasts and the speed on these electric drives.

Keep up the hunts! Enjoy the day :)

Great hunt @saho!

An electric skateboard feels like a good, fast and cheap way to get to work and back with it. You don't have to stay in traffic, you are quick through it, the only negative think is the rain and snow, you probably can't use it on snow and on wet roads it might slip.

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