Python language basics 50 Tuts - Python language basics 50 lessons

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Python language basics 50 Tuts

Python language basics 50 lessons



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Since the previously released Python learning project Python-100-Days is still difficult for beginners to get started, and many small partners hope to have matching instructional videos, it took a while to work at home due to the epidemic in recent times. Separate the basic part of the Python language from the original project and make the current project called "50 lessons of Python language foundation". Now this project has rewritten the part from day 1 to day 15 in the original "Python 100 days" project in a simpler and more popular way . There are deletions , supplements , and videos , and strive to be more friendly to beginners . Everyone is welcome.


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Python is used a lot in data analysis, and since data management, analysis and data mining are growing fields, it is worth taking this course to learn Python to improve your job prospects.


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