Hail Protector - portable protection from hail damage to your automobiles

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Hail Protector

portable protection from hail damage to your automobiles



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Hail damage to automobiles reaches nearly $1B each year.

This Hail protector saves your vehicle from hail damage. This is portable and handy.
If you don't have a garage or you are on a travel, you can protect your vehicle from the hail storm instantly.
It comes with hail alert app, which warns you about the hail storm. Just put Hail protector on your car as normal car cover and operate with a remote control or with the App.

Without any effort, you can protect your vehicle within minutes. This Hail protector is made up of breathable fine fabrics which ensures the better environment inside the car and no damage with hard edges to the outer.
Available sizes are Truck, Car, SUV

Watch a hail attack demo




Hunter: @sabari18


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:point_right:I'm sure your hunt is "Undervalued". So i decided to give support. I hope it will be at least on top 100 today:point_left:

This is super hunt @sabari18
Nah, the problem is, i don't have a CAR
can i use it for my motorcyle :joy:

Ah ah I just thought the same!😉😢 ..well in fact we even don't have hail in my country!🤣 but, I'm sure this smart protector could be very useful to lucky owners to save some cars😁 meanwhile I'd use this to protect my things from dust👌or for myself from a bees attack😂🐝😲

LOL, this product is multifunction :joy:

but using it for ourself to protect from bees attack, that's very innovative uses :joy: :face_palm:

@sabari18, this is truly super duper hunt, solve major problems, even bees problem.

cool, innovative, problem-solving hunt. saves from dust and bees.ddf.png

images (23).jpg
You made my day @jenina619. im proud of my hunt because of your comment.

😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 I'm proud to help looking for alternative uses to products so poor people without car like me can use the gadgets or so without feeling excluded ah ah 🤣 ✌😉

For ur bike calprut Products12624-640x640-338373133.jpg nerd.jpg

Hi @sabari18

Thanks for yet another hunt. I’m not entirely convinced this product fits Steemhunt’s scope though, yet I like it (sorta) and will thus approve it at mod’s discretion.

Note this is not a reference cas.e

Using this protector will reduce the risk of a broken glass in the vehicles, it is easy to place it and it works well. In my city, hail usually falls when it rains, which damages many windows of houses but mostly glass of cars, which are not economical.

The best thing about this Hail protector is the application that is integrated with the parachute that is used to cover the car so it can detect upcoming storms.

Impressive hunt, @sabari18.

Great hunt mate! Yes also it can protect your vechile from the dust & rain. You don't need to clean your vechile on daily basis if you were using this hail protector....

Hi, @sabari18!

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Nice gadget for car owners. I also like how it comes with a hail alert app, so you won't have to wonder whether you're gonna need to put up the protector or not.


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Damn............. I needed this not long ago as we had a huge hail storm come through my area. Crap.......... I wish I'd have come up with this idea as not everyone can protect their car during these frequent storms these days. This guy/gal will more than likely become rich like the inventor of the mailbox flag......... dang (facepalm)..............

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