SecuRam SmartEntry - Fast Secure Access with Finger Vein ID

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SecuRam SmartEntry

Fast Secure Access with Finger Vein ID



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Hunter's comment

Fingerprint scanning door lock? Nope!!!!
This is a FINGER VEIN ID door lock!!
Finger Vein ID?

It analyzes the blood vessel or vascular pattern below the epidermal layer of your finger.

Finger Vein ID is the latest biometric authentication.
This analyzes the vessel or vessel pattern under the epidermis of our fingers and then only registered users can open the door.

No other door lock can be better than this Finger Vein ID door lock! This is why this awesome door lock is hunted by me.

  • Waterproof technology
  • Network connectivity
  • Digital access codes or biometric access
  • Receive alerts
  • View audit trails
  • Send an electronic code to a guest from the SmartHome app
  • SecuRam Systems is the first security company to successfully incorporate finger vein ID authentication into access control products



Hunter: @rtytf

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Currently, most door locks are required to enter a password. Besides this, fingerprint recognition technology is widely used. I think the authentication system using venous-aware finger technology like you introduced would be better for security. Thank you for introducing me to a good product.

HI @rtytf,

Thanks for yet another hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.


Thank u for the approval!!

Pros and Cons
-A new biometric system, chopped fingers no longer work

-Blood vessels are constantly moving and growing in minute way, need to test it for long term to see whether problems would occur
-Electricity black out = no way to go back in

This is a great hunt according to the many features it incorporates in the security it offers.
A next gen security integration.
Multiple features like waterproofing,alerts, smart home app integration.
I have none for now.

great hunt.


Thank you for the pros & cons!! Nice!!

Woow,finger vein I'd,this is my first time of hearing this, this is so cool, I feel this is gonna be better and more secure than normal fingerprint


I agree that this is a COOL!! Thank you for your support!!

Security of anything is a big challenge now a days. No doubt Engineers have invented some classic materials in this regard and people are satisfied to some extend. But there is always a loop hole in every system. So to get rid of these issues on daily basis I notice lot of devices with amazing features.
But honestly speaking SecuRam SmartEntry won my heart. Awesome and totally out of the box stuff. Amazing!


Thank you for the awesome comment!!

Fast Secure Access with Finger Vein ID. SecuRam Systems is the first security company to successfully incorporate finger vein ID authentication into access control products.

Since I am a big fan of Technology. I love those technologies which are invented specially for the good of humanity. This one is really a great invention.
Awesome hunt @rtytf. Keep us updated with your awesome research. All the best!


I really appreciate your great comment! Thanks!

Wow~! Of course, finger vein recognition door lock is more secure than other door lock. I wanna buy this. Great hunt!!


Thanks!! I want to get it too!

SecuRam SmartEntry is wonderful Fingerprint scanning door lock, I seen it first time. It will be more secure us either house or office. Thanks for sharing with us.


Thank you for the nice comment!!

This thing looks soo cool, and can help improve home security, thank you very much for your hunt~

It looks security is guaranteed with this amazing technology!
Thanks for your cool hunt :D

레벨을 위해 주2회쯤 헌팅해볼까요? 여튼 자주 뵙길~


2번씩은 해야 되겠죠?

SmartEntry can help the home security from thieves. By using technology finger Vein ID make the door security is stronger.

Thanks for your good hunt!

This system is very useful and secure. It can apply to the door at your home and any other doors. It is secure and fast. You don't need to bring keys anymore.

Fingerprint was already a great development for access systems but finger vein id, I just can say "wow". Great hunt. Congratulations.

Nice Job hunter! Here is my review for your product. I have summarized it into point form with pros and cons:


  • Waterproof
  • Can use app to control it
  • Easy to use
  • Had a cool design


  • None for your hunt

Great hunt! Thank you very much! Looking for your new hunt.

This is so great! With this, security is highly guarantee, no one will have access to it until such person is assigned and configured to the gadgets

Impressive one


It's so amazing.

Wow at first sight I though it was a fingerprint based scanning door lock but this go a few steps further than that and analyzes the veins under the epidermis of our fingers making this an incredibly secure door lock.

"SecuRam SmartEntry" is Amazing Hunt created by you @rtytf.

Really awesome addition in the field of advance security. This is a FINGER VEIN ID door lock technology. I appreciate you for hunting such a unique product.Finger Vein ID is the latest biometric authentication. With much more interesting features it is very easy and useful.

"This analyzes the vessel or vessel pattern under the epidermis of our fingers and then only registered users can open the door."

Hi @rtytf

This really awesome innovation for security system. Finger ID with digital code- biometric access by fingers vein. I absolutely sure maybe this will be the latest best security system today and future.

Like your hunt friends 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

This looks cool and useful. Fingerprint system does not work well when your finger is sweaty or your fingerprint became faint for whatever reasons.

Thank you for the great hunt - keep it up!


Thank you for your comment & support!! Appreciate it so much.
My iPhone's fingerprint scanning security system doesn't work well when my hand is sweaty...


I have exactly same problem for Samsung galaxy series...

Now that we have got introduced to this new technology that actually seem great but I'm just trying to see in the future when it gets competition so what would be their unique selling point. I have no more words to appreciate this lock and I don't see any cons in it except the pricing that I need to look up at Google and I think it would be bit costly. Great hunt.

great artifact men perfect for security and any room to which nobody wants to enter good hunting men

Hello @rtytf,
Here is my review about SecuRam SmartEntry


  • It is one of the most advanced and unique way to ensure the security
  • It analyzes the blood vessel or vascular pattern below the epidermal layer of your finger.
  • No robbery is possible with such advanced Bio metric security system
  • It is basically a waterproof system and can be put under the open sky too
  • Only registered person can open the door and for the security purpose it sends an electronic code from the SmartHome app


  • Did not find any for it

It is a wonderful step ahead in the technological advancements and I am pretty sure can save the community from various criminal activities too. Thank you so much for this amazing hunt @rtytf :)

@rtytf, fingervein ID door lock is very new and innovative. I've heard of finger print but never knew analyze blood vessel and vascular pattern. Cool hunt.

Thumb prints can be faked and thus can play the system. However, vein ID is something that I've never read about before. So, this seems the future tech. I think it would be very difficult to fake or play this ID and that makes it perfect match with out times. Great hunt @rtytf

impressive, super safe this type of locks, analyze the blood vessels, every day the technology surprises us more. Congratulations

I think this is one of the most innovative and advanced tech in regarding doorlock systems I have seen till date. Excellent job done by the makers and by the hunter as well. Bravo @rtytf. Keep hunting.

Congratation your approval
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Really good post.i like it friend


I like your Bird Photos too!

This is a very invention. This invention will help many people...thank you my lovely friend rtytf


Thank you for your support!


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Wow!! So excellent!!

Thanks for this wonderful words and presentation 😊 this technology is AMAZING!! thanks for so much for updates.


Thanks!! Amazing new technology...