ARRIVAL - A Bluetooth Speaker Generates Naturally Clear Sound

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A Bluetooth Speaker Generates Naturally Clear Sound













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Here is a Bluetooth Speaker with a sleek design and naturally-clear sound!

ARRIVAL - Bluetooth Speaker looks PURE and sounds CLEAR!

This speaker reduces vibration noises when you play loud music because this speaker has only 3 minimum points to touch the table.

There are two types of ARRIVAL

  • ARRIVAL - The smaller size to fit with the most bookshelf or small spaces
  • ARRIVAL PLUS - The bigger size which generates more powerful and rich sound


I personally recommend this ARRIVAL Bluetooth Speaker because of a sleek simple design with great enhanced lower sound! Unlike other mini-speakers, playing music loud does not shake things on the same desk or table. Yet the sound from the speakers is magnificent and clear.



Hunter: @rtytf

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I added it. Please let me know if I need to add more of my thoughts. Thanks!!!

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I added more of my thoughts.

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저도 오늘 다시 도전합니다~^^

두번째 올리신것도 좋은 물건 이더라구요!!

Looks really slick and portable, how does it perform outdoor like in the park?

Pretty good @ outdoor too!

Thank @rtytf

Keep up the hunt!
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Pros :

  • It's a Bluetooth speaker with a sleek design

  • the sound is clear and reduces vibration noises when loud music is played

Cons :

No cons on this one.

Thank you for the great comments!!

열심히 하는 당신 !!

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대박은 아직 없어도 ㅋㅋㅋ.
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(그러면서 비트코인 투자하고 스팀잇 하는 것이
참 용하네요. )


  • Really nice product design (could also be a mirror) :D
  • Provides a quality and clear sound


  • It's not available yet

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감사 감사!!
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