Patchnride - Repair your bike's tire permanently and instantly

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Repair your bike's tire permanently and instantly



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Hunter's comment

Bicycle drivers are having the most trouble with the bicycle tire. When riding a bicycle, a nail or the like can sink into the tire and the tire can be damaged. If you want to repair it yourself, removing the tire from the bicycle and repairing it can be really troublesome or you have to take it to the bicycle mechanic. This can really be tortured if the bicycle mechanic is distant or if the tire is damaged in a place you do not know.

Patchnride offers a great solution for bicycle tires. Patchnride allows you to repair the tire for a few seconds without removing it from the bike. In addition, repair is not temporary, you will have permanently repaired the tire. The best part is that you do not have to take the tire off the bike. is not that great? You can repair it quickly and permanently with patchnride if the tire is damaged wherever you are. It is also very easy to use.



Hunter: @rtonline

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  • What happens to the tire after it gets glued to the tube over and over again?

It will not be a problem as long as the repaired area is not punctured again. The manufacturer stated that the same tire had been repaired 5 times and that the tire was still being used.

Hey nice to see your this great hunt.This is so usefull product.People will like this product.its will help lot people thanks for sharing this great hunt.keep it up we want to see more

great hunt. the fact of recovering the time quickly repairing your bicycle is very effective for all of us who once suffered this annoying accident

Excellent selection and created this hunt by you @rtonline


A video help me to understand and believe on it, when i read these line i am unable to believe that how can a tempered or burst Tyre repaired within secs. I know it is much irritating problem during riding bike or bicycle when its Tyre burst away from your station. and now no need to worry for that problem patchnride is a gift. thanks friend for sharing suitable and useful product.

this is cool product. Now, I am not afraid about tires if I ride my bike.

thanks for your cool hunt!

That is pretty cool and convenient tool. It will be very helpful when you suddenly get stuck somewhere along the way and no shop is available nearby for immediate help.

With this one your bike tires can be fixed permanently and without much stress. This is great for bikers. Thanks for your hunt.


You're right. Thank you for the comment

It is really cool when you can get your bicycle tires fixed without trouble. Thanks for the hunt it's really cool. Thanks

It is very easy and useful for every one, specially when bicycles mechanic is far away. It required very less time to repair the tire.

Yes its really helpful tool when you were riding bicycle to long distance while your bicycle tyre got damaged by nail on that place had not reapair shop than this kind of situation its really helpful tool for a bicycle rider also you did not need to be depended on bicycle mechnic when your bycycle tyre got damages....

Great hunt

Very useful tool to repair easily & quickly your bike. As I take my bike each day to commute, Patchnridecould be essential. Great hunt @rtonline


It will definitely be useful, you can repair it without losing time and continue on your way. Thank you for the comment

Great hunt! It is not easy to do a repair when you are in the middle of somewhere! It is really great to have such tools developed and it would definitely bring us a great convenient!
Nice hunt!


I totally agree Thank you for the comment

Cool hunt

Patchnride is beneficial because it could save our time, money and peace of mind as there is no need to wonder in search of mechanics .


This is really a great discovery. You don't need to bring to the garage to fix your tires, especially when you are really in a hurry to catch your deadline, it's really helpful, congratulations.

Wow, some vulcanizing shops here in the Philippines used that one but its expensive, hmm i think it is worth it because it will put your tire's life last long, i can't say its permanently, overall, it was a great hunt!

Patchnride the perfect solution for all travelers, if you are a cyclist and you like to go to the mountains and spend an unforgettable adventure your perfect companion is Patchnride because if you get a rubber tapcharcete you can repair it yourself without having to need a rubber

It looks like a very handy tool for bike riders. I like how it's very simple to use. The small size makes it easy to carry too. But, the best part is probably the fact that it's an actual fix to your tires and not just a band-aid that would still need fixing afterward​.

This looks cool and useful. It reduces the time and money to repair the bicycle. Thanks for sharing cool product.

Having the need to get your tyre repaired during time of emergency is really frustrating. This cool solution will help many to avoid it. Great hunt.

That a rubber is punctured is a big problem and more if we need the vehicle at that time, but with this we will not have that headache present to repair once and that's it. great hunting

This is a great product for people like me who are cycling lovers and has to deal with this kind of problems very often... This product can save us a lot of time and money :)

It's a really cool item. I think people who like bicycles will like them. You can carry it with you and simply repair your bike. It looks very useful. Thank you for sharing

Technology is increasingly better to repair my bicycle permanently is good news for me I need to have one of these thanks for sharing

All bikers should have patchnride with themselves. Very useful product. Thanks for sharing.

its a big need especially If you are off roading. I wonder if its useful for bigger bikes with fat tires. Great HUnt!

Wao amaIng produt you gave us a butifull solution. Byke and cycle is thevery helpfull product. It is very eassy to use and eassy to repair


Great Hunt!

Well this thing can really help bikers like me who wants to repair tires easily and fast. Love how the product can do with this. Thanks for sharing!


Wow this is an amazing thing for all who live that bike life. Seems easy to use and very efficient! Congrats on a great hunt

this is an easy to use alternative for patching tires. coming handy for outdoor rides where getting a repair shop would be difficult.
thanks for the hunt

I'm concerned that wh4n I try to check out the site I get a warning about the site trying to steal info from my computer. Is this a valid concern?

Hi @rtonline
It's really amazing hunt.. repair bicycle as fast as possible. But why the URL link can't open... There's something wrong?

Today its really a big issue of bikes regarding tires. You have to expend some money to maintain. So in this scenario PATCHNRIDE is a blessing. Thanks for sharing.

Flat tire may happen very suddenly and you may be at an uncharted place. Patchnride is very useful, it always should be carried. Thanks for sharing.

I believe having this great product will help users in repairing their own bike especially in an emergency situation and it will also reduce the money spent on bike repairs.

Repairing ourselves our bicycles is a great saving of money, this invention seems fantastic to me, and thus we will remain active at home too, great hunting

Patchnride is wonderful for the riders. İt is easy use. Thanks for sharing. Perfect hunt.

This is absolutely great, with this product there will be less to worry about when using your bike especially when embarking on a long journey , it is portable, easy to use and safes time, great hunt hunter.

Bikes are an important part of our lives now a days. So such type of technology must be appreciable. Great hunt.

Perfect and I'd say about time. A must have for any serious rider IMO. Nice one!

Another superb idea. What a neat product indeed. So simple and affordable. This is so necessary in our lives.

Most lovable Patchnride

Really this is a very good product. This puncture is a very useful tool for repairing tires and bikes, easy to use. .

Awesome hunt! best of luck

I absolutely need this for my bike @rtonline. Is there anyway to order it with Cryptocurrency as a payment? I wish to buy them with Steem. Thanks for this amazing hunt @rtonline.

It's really cool and perfect technology for bicycle users. Patchnride is the best hunt when your bicycle's tyre got damaged and there is no repair shop. You can easily repair your bicycle 's tyre permanently and instantly.

most time, a nail can be an obstacle that will cause problems to tire while riding on the road, some others constraints can also arose, this product has bring to an end to such problems and it’s so useful for bicycle riders. I love this product patchnride because it’s effective and it’s so fast in usage. It doesn’t require removing of tire from bicycle and it work so amazingly.

Wow! Really love this, and I can think of a fair few occasions over the years when it would have been a real life-saver.

As someone who's planning on getting his mountain bike out of the garage (relatively soon) for the first time in a couple of years, this is something I'll be looking out for. It'll fit nicely in a backpack, and means that when I'm miles away from home, I won't have to walk back if I get a flat.


Exactly. Thank you for the comment

Nice hunt...
So easy and convenient to repair the punctured tire with this...


I agree, and you can repair it in less than 1 minute.
Thank you for the comment

I think we have all needed this, especially in cases where we need to arrive on time and percanses happen

Wow, this is also cool. As I am a biking fan, this is for me... imagine you can just repair your bike on the spot....super good product!

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that looks like something my partner would be interested in. He is a keen cyclist. 😊

Wow its so useful thing

I also use bicycle and i face many time this problem but thanks for sharing this solution .


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nice idea. we can easily fix our bike without pressure.


Nice idea. we
Can easily fix our
Bike without pressure.

                 - honeysara

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