Block Modular Smartwatch - The first customizeable Smartwatch

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Block Modular Smartwatch

The first customizeable Smartwatch


block smartwatch.jpg

Hunter's comment

Block Smartwatch may look like another smartwatch available in market. But trust me when I say it is different.

The key difference for Block Smartwatch is the smartwatch is modular. Which means, you can customize and expand the functionality of your smartwatch.

Just like any other standard smartwatch feature, Block Smartwatch also comes with companion application that you can download for Android & iOS

The most important part of Block Smartwatch is the core. Initially, you need to purchase the core. The core is running Android as it's operating system.

As shown in above image, that is the core of Block Smartwatch. To expand the function, you'll need to purchase additional module and each module has different function. The module are are plug-in that makes the strap.

Module can be choose from, able to serve below function:

  • Environmental Sensor
  • Heart rate Monitor
  • LED
  • Smart Button
  • GPS
  • Extra Battery
  • Air Quality
  • Fingerprint Sensor
  • Genture Control
  • Stress Level
  • Body Temperature
  • Developer Module
  • ECG
  • Flash Memory
  • Camera
  • Sim Card
  • Bone Conduction Speaker
  • Contactless Payment

Below is the review video for Block Smartwatch:

  • Cool Design
  • Easy to use Plug-in module
  • Pick-and-choose module that you like
  • Simple interface
  • It is using Android OS which may be sluggish as time goes
  • No guideline on how to choose the module. You'll end up purchasing wrong module

I myself would purchase the Sim card + Bone-Conduction Speaker module. Just imagine how cool it is to call someone without the need of a smartphone



Hunter: @rosmadirazali

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