UV Sterilizer Box - Sterilize smartphones, coins, keys

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UV Sterilizer Box

Sterilize smartphones, coins, keys



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Many items of daily life are constantly in your hands, be it smartphones, coins or keys. This also means that these surfaces collect germs and bacteria. With the UV sterilizer box, you can kill these potential health hazards reliably, effectively and easily using UVC light.

Contaminated objects go in, clean ones come out—the practical UV sterilizer for irradiation with UVC light
Simply place the items that you want to sterilize inside the UV disinfection box. The 21.6 x 10.3 x 6.9 container is designed for everyday objects and should be fully closed before use. The lid has 8 integrated LED bulbs which generate UV rays with a wavelength between 260 and 280 Nm. The rays destroy all bacteria, germs and pathogens on the surface of the smartphone or keys.

Sterilisation using UV light works quickly and reliably. The integrated LEDs have a lifetime of up to 10,000 hours, so you can sanitize countless items over days, months and even years.




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I think covid has taught us that hygiene is important and it makes sense to sterilize phones, pens and other items.

It is very very handy and required in this pandemic situation because sterilization is very much needed for our day-to-day used gadgets.


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