INOGENONE G5 portable oxygen - Carry your oxygen with you

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INOGENONE G5 portable oxygen

Carry your oxygen with you



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INOGENONE G5 portable oxygen concentrator can deliver oxygen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, in an unbelievably small device. This handy oxygen concentrator offers 1 to 6 pulse flow oxygen settings, whilst still being lightweight and a very quiet portable oxygen generator. Designed with the active oxygen therapy user in mind, our G5 portable oxygen system weighs less than 5 pounds with a powerful rechargeable battery.

The G5 device has an easy to read LCD display with simple push controls. And it can be charged at home or on the go-giving you the freedom and independence.


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We can see sometimes the crisis of oxygen so it is a better solution of such kind of crisis and problem where we can easily bring oxygen with us with this container. Thanks.

This portable oxygen container should allow patients to be discharged from hospital to go home - they could even sit in their gardens with the oxygen nearby.


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