Ampache - An Open Source Server To Store Audio & Streaming Videos

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An Open Source Server To Store Audio & Streaming Videos







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Many of us would like to have our favorite music and video collection all in one place online so that we can have easy access to them. But the problem is that the file sizes of these mp3 and mp4 are so huge that we are unable to put them online for storage. This becomes a nagging problem, isn't it? And sometimes you may want to send a series of videos to a group of friends to watch together but we don't know where we can upload them on the net to make it easy for them to have access to these videos.


The Ampache Platform can help you solve storage problem.


This is a free open source software that is web based for you to store large collection of audio and video streaming. The file manager there allows you to store a large collection of all your favorite music and videos on the server. You can have access to all these large storage of files whenever you go online.

Apache is taken from 2 words:

  • Amplifier
  • Apache

The main objective of the software is to maintain a simple, secure and fast web front end that is able to run hardware on any platform that supports PHP.

There are 2 ways I use Apache Platform:

1. For Personal Use


  • I store all my music collection here for personal entertainment.
  • I store my personal videos and use this server to share these videos with my families and friends who live across the world.

2. As an Online Classroom for my Students


  • As an online instructor, I use this Ampache's server to put my instructional videos here for my students.
  • This can then serve as a little online classroom for my students to use for their learning.
  • Students follow the curriculum material easily in the file manager folder.
  • Links are made available so that students can have access to the video instructions for online learning.
  • Ampache is also able to turn the text to speech like an audio book for students to listen to on the go.
  • The platform allows students to watch these instructional streaming videos at their workstations and they can progress at their own pace.
  • Students can watch these videos as many times as they wish to prepare for the final exam.

Open Source Github site:

Download Ampach Here

Let me know what you think of this!



Hunter: @rosatravels

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  • Good discovery of the product
  • The shape of the product looks really good
  • The product will help people of different groups


  • Nothing comes to my mind

Keep up the hunt!
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Pros :

  • it is a free open source software where you can store your videos and music without worrying on storage.

  • it is also a perfect avenue to store learning courses for students on their modules and teachers to store instructional videos.

Cons :

No cons for this online software.


  • This is an open source
  • It can store audios, and videos in no time
  • User Friendly UI
  • It can also use as a classroom to store teaching videos or for yourself


  • None for this awesome hunt

Thank you, hunted for a while to get this one.

Pros :

  • It does support both audio and video steaming
  • Can also be a file manager that will allow you to access your music and videos anywhere you like as long as you are connection to the internet
  • It is totally free to use and has been an opensource application since 2001 which is under licensed on AGPLv3 license.
  • You will able to listen your music from your tablet, phone or television whether you are at home or in vacation. A very convenient way to stay connected to your music and gets you entertained in everything you do.
  • You can easily manage your music collection by just browsing their simple web interface which can also be synchronized to your local and remote catalogs

Cons :

  • No cons that i can think of. A web based application that can do audio and video streaming. It is just simply amazing.

Very good review @mindblast.

thank you very much @rosatravels


  • can save all my favorite streaming video, don't need to search the web online to revisit/ retrieve them
  • free

Ha ha...yes open source free stuff is great to try out.


  • I want to have it right now
  • Well done
  • I really enjoy the size of the product


  • Nothing comes to my mind

You can have it right away. Just download the zip file there.

Such a great hunt @rosatravels!
Good to know that this software is an open source and at the same time free to download. Very helpful to store your music and video files. Looking at the user interface of the software, it appears that it is user friendly, which is a very good for newbies and upcoming users.

I didn’t see any downside for this software.

Pros: a lot of features included in Ampache.
Cons: i hope it will adopt the blockchain based.

I don't know if they know about blockchain but that would be great.

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