HyperFIDO Pro Mini - A FIDO2 U2F security key for the best price

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HyperFIDO Pro Mini

A FIDO2 U2F security key for the best price



Hunter's comment

Nowadays using just passwords is not safe enough to protect our digital security. Two factor authentication (2FA) is becoming an essential feature.

The most common 2FA methods are email, SMS and 2FA applications such as Google Authenticator. However, those methods are annoying and only provide a minor improvement in security.

The best 2FA method is using a security key, providing the maximum safety and usability. A security key is a hardware device that must be connected to access the online service. There are several options; bluetooth, NFC, USB... In addition, some are PIN protected and others use fingerprint for authentication.

HyperFIDO Pro Mini is the cheapest security key I could find at Amazon. However, it works perfectly. It does not have fingerprint and it is not compatible with Windows Hello for login at Windows , but it is great for any other applications. Highly recommended.




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