I Lazy To Read - Auto-summarize any online article

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I Lazy To Read

Auto-summarize any online article



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Hunter's comment

Trust me this app is "what it says it is". This does an Auto-summary of any online article using a machine learning algorithm APIs to convert into just 5key sentences. All you have to do is to paste a URL of the website you choose and to Read the important.




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Lazy to read... This is me.
I found the great web app that will help us more for understanding about the news or article without needed for whole reading. I think not because we are lazy now, but we don't have many time for just focus on one side work. So simple tools is always be awesome for everyone. Saving anything in your life. Great 🤩

This seems made for me, you have to dig through articles of many words online before you get to the important point at the last paragraph or there about.

I don't think it will turn off exactly what we need, but clearly this is a great hunt. We are flooded with information and daily data. The summary will be extremely necessary for us!

Yeah. Thanks for stopping by 😊

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Wow, fantastic tool. I am sometimes lazy to read long articles. This tool really helped me get the main idea from the article. thanks for letting me about this.

Wow, what a brilliant idea for a site! I am sure this will come in extremely handy for all the news articles I don't want to read but want an overview..

This will be so much helpful. It reminds me those days when I have to read through articles and write the summery for my class work. Is this for free?
Great find!

This is really ME 😁
Am lazy to read, especially if it's a long article.
Summarising in five key words will help someone to get the idea of what the article is all about.
Great Hunt.

This idea of summarizing long article is a nice one. The lazy one can now have the work done in a bit. This will really help the to less the work to comprehend on every sentence.
Thank you hunter


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