Upheaval - A game about people and revolution

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A game about people and revolution



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hello friends today I found this video game that caught my attention because of its game idea.

since it tries to overthrow a dictatorial government and as it is not secret I live in a country that is subjected to a strong dictatorship and it seems interesting to me how they put that idea into play.

I would like this games to reach the hands of someone who could get my country out of what it is suffering by learning how to lead the people and overthrow a corrupt government that is what you can do with this wonderful videogame.




Hunter: @rodoli2010


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The idea and theme of this game is interesting.surprised to read your description about it.nice idea to bring these kind of issues in game.great hunt

Nice game. I like this types of games. Thanks for your contribution @rodoli2010. Great hunt.

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