Swearing Pets - Saving animals with the worlds smallest bluetooth speaker

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Swearing Pets

Saving animals with the worlds smallest bluetooth speaker



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Hunter's comment

This is a good device for ours pets , this speaker helps to ours pets to try to speak.

you can addapt this speaker to your phone and translate whats yours pets say in various languages, you can tie the speaker to your pet collar and hear it.




Hunter: @rodoli2010


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Cool and innovative device for our pets. If I have enough money, I’d definitely buy this speaker, raising your pets is taken to a whole new level which is pretty exciting and reduces stress even more since we’ve got to enjoy and have more moments with our pets.

Congratulations @rodoli2010 and we look forward to your upcoming hunts.

WOW!! COOL, Now pets can speak with this speaker. I mean this speaker gonna help them to speak. Interesting speaker for pets. Everyone would love to buy one for their pets if they have.. :)

Hi @rodoli2010,

Thanks for your hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

An extraordinary tool, that's a technology that deserves publication for the whole community, so that every master and pet will be united

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