ZeusPro - A non-electric WiFi amplifier

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A non-electric WiFi amplifier



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The world's first non-electric Wi-Fi amplifier.

With ZeusPro you can easily maximize both your Wi-Fi quality and your range simply by mounting it on your router's antenna.

ZeusPro provides up to three times larger coverage area, focusing reception range Wi-Fi. Through the use of 2. ZeusPro can triple the initial coverage area by more than 360 degrees.

ZeusPro is very easy to use. No application or software is required. You only need to place ZeusPro on top of the antenna and point to the area with a weak or missing signal and ZeusPro will do the rest.




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For just 15$ you are saving yourself a lot of cash from buying another wifi extender.


  • Cheap and effective way of amplifying signal
  • No extra energy cost for using it
  • Plug and Play Application


  • Only boost the signal on one spot where the Zeus is pointed
  • Needs another Zeus pro for other antennas provided that your router has 2 or more.
  • Only effectively boost horizontally - The Zeus Pro might be tricky to adjust when you want your 2nd floor to be targeted.

This product uses a natural way of boosting your wifi signal and if you want a 360 coverage you better buy more Zeus Pro to cover all your antennas in the router.

Pretty cool idea. I wish you had elaborated a bit more on how it works though

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