Waterfi Swimcast - Real-time music player for swimming

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Waterfi Swimcast

Real-time music player for swimming



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The Waterfi Swimcast is Chromecast Audio from Google, enhanced with waterproofing, equipped with a battery and paired with waterproof headphones for swimmers to enjoy Spotify, Google Play Music, Pandora or any of the other hundreds of audio applications that They work with the Chromecast, while swimming.

For the past 7 years Waterfi had been waterproofing Apple's most popular fitness MP3 player, the iPod Shuffle. In the era of digital media, the iPod was the king, and when it was waterproofed it was a great addition to any swim. As music streaming services continue to grow in popularity, swimmers have been looking for their next generation device, something to offer full catalogs of streaming services in a waterproof package,




Hunter: @robotgirl36


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