REVIVE - leather charging cable bracelet

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leather charging cable bracelet



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Charge your phone away from home with the REVIVE Leather Charging cable bracelet. Designed to be worn around the wrist, these portable charging cables ensure you never forget your charger at home.

The leather charging cable bracelet can charge your iPhone or Android devices. In addition, the REVIVE bracelet is connected by magnetic clasps that come in different colors. You can choose between black, silver and gold. The water resistant wristband is available in various sizes for a good fit



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I like it, cool idea and it looks pretty good as a bracelet. The next thing they need to do is somehow figure out how to transfer the energy the user produces and convert it into power, now that would be useful. Good find !

For someone who is always on their phone or gadgets like myself, I highly appreciate this product! It just one of those you have on standby, to come to the rescue on those really busy days or on days when you forget your charger/powerbank. I would definitely consider getting myself one of these.


Really different the product that you present to us today; what a great combination of a bracelet that at the time you find it useful to be able to charge the battery of your mobile phone; beyond being just an ornament.
But I have a question: Do you perform the other functions of a conventional USB cable?
That is to say, it is not only used for charging the mobile phone; it also works to transmit information from a PC to the Mobile ..?
If so, it is the perfect, discreet, comfortable and beautifully designed ally.
Now it only remains to say:

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Great Hunt!


Nice idea for sure. You never need to worry about taking your cable with you in case you run out of battery when you are going out. To be honest it is not really my style though, but still great idea!

Keep on the good work!

Cool Hunt, Hunter.


  • This wearable charging cable ensure users never forget their charger at home.
  • Made from genuine leather and available in different colors.
  • The water-resistant bracelet is available in multiple sizes for a good fit.
  • It comes with three connector options including micro USB, USB-C and Lightning.
  • Users can charge both iPhone and Android devices.


  • Nothing for this hunt, simply a unique and useful product.


  • unique and cool bracelet

  • comfortable when in use

  • can be used as a smart phone charger


  • none


  • unique and beautiful cable bracelets

  • very comfortable and attractive when in use.

  • useful to charge the phone battery


  • none

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