OTO - Touch the shape of the sound

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Touch the shape of the sound



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Hunter's comment

OTO is a geometric musical controller that allows you to play the shape of the sound. Play synthesizers, control a DAW, generate images and more.

the sound is no longer just wavelengths: it has a tangible physical form. OTO began as a master thesis project at the Berklee College of Music.




Hunter: @robotgirl36


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do you have another direct url for this product, i was not able to load the website to check for a buy now button -- i did check and it looks like a kickstarter from 2016 that appears to be dead now as the website is no longer around..

i've hidden this post.

  • The fact that you can use with a software vibration looks pretty cool!
  • Great for a rave or electronic fest.
  • These are better than my convenctional lamps on my room..
  • The variety of color is engaging and fully aesthetical for taking tumblr pictures.

I want a pair so bad.

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