KOBRA - A lightweight flash Speedlight modifier

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A lightweight flash Speedlight modifier



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Hunter's comment

Have you ever wondered why your photos are dark, or not so clear ?, I have the answer, you have to see the light you have to project the photograph, I recommend The Kobra, was created to give photographers a resource for improve the projection of light through a flash, which is very light to carry, comfortable, and easy to handle, with a unique design attractive to your consumers, who will be satisfied with their results, and will be able to capture those images of more artistic way, worthy of a professional photographer.

Why KOBRA Flash is better, than the other cameras with flash, because it is designed with transparent silicone which makes the light that does not vary according to the temperatures of the environment where it is. This flash is very elegant, but at the same time facilitates the work of photography with the camera; also has an included reflector that makes the light project more directly, bouncing to the side that interests us, it will allow to have a better image in photography

You want to have an impact photo, because Kobra is the solution, light to carry, use and with unique materials and cutting-edge technology that make its projection a perfect image




Hunter: @robotgirl36


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