Comper - the all ages ultra-intelligent forehead thermometer

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the all ages ultra-intelligent forehead thermometer



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When we have children at home it is important to have avant-garde medical products at hand, as this allows us to attack any symptoms of illness in time, and seek their improvement quickly, the new Comper is an innovative intelligent thermometer with the highest technology and medical advances, the best thing is that it is for the whole family, no matter the age, the temperature is taken in the forehead with its new device instantly analyzes its temperature; this technology will help you control your health in a quick easy way; using the Comper Health application, you can follow and acquire better knowledge about the diagnosis that is issued, through its monitoring and make the correct decision in each case.
When we feel that our body temperature increases, it is a sign that something is not right in our body, since it is a vital sign to determine and control a health problem in time that at first sight may seem harmless but when it comes to the immune system we must pay the necessary attention; Therefore, this innovative intelligent front thermometer was designed to measure body temperature as accurately as possible without margin of error.



Hunter: @robotgirl36

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Hi, @robotgirl36, Nice Hunt
Below is my review about your product.


  • Medically certified thermometer with reliable and accurate results.
  • It's Hygienic and safe to use.
  • It synchronize your data to the app to monitor overall health and well being.
  • It has long lasting battery, fast readings and excellent data storage capacity.


  • No cons found for this hunt.

Interesting hunt! Really would like to know if it really works as good as the normal thermometers.

A short advice from my side, maybe you can make breaks between the text, this would make it easy to read and add some photos. Try to be as informative as possible.

Keep up your hunts @robotgirl36


Hello hunter friend!
This product is in support of health, a very important issue; even more so when you have children. High fever can trigger many long-term consequences in the body, nothing better than having always available a compact device, easy to use and manipulate that allows us to monitor the temperature in order to prevent it from becoming more complicated. It is an interesting solution that you bring us today with your hunting.

Now it only remains to tell you: Congratulations and continue:

Bringing the best of your searches to: @Steemhunt...!

With heat basis diagnosis, this must be interesting product. And I agree, even mild heat could mean something about our body's condition.

Keep up the hunt!
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··· Great Hunting ···

Redesigning how you measure the temperature, great! .. Give more ease and precision when measuring the temperature is very good. Also, if you have children who complicate how to measure the temperature this tool will help you with it.

Keep hunting great things.

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