Brain Advantage - Improving brain performance intelligently

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Brain Advantage

Improving brain performance intelligently



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Brain Advantage uses the patented HEG (hemoencephalography) technology to measure the amount of oxygen in the blood that flows into the prefrontal cortex of your brain. The prefrontal cortex is called the Executive Center of your brain because it helps to manage all the emotions and thoughts that may be occurring at the same time. And the better you manage things here, the better your brain will work.



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Very impressive.
This product will be proved a milestone invention, in the category of the products, which are used to improve brain performance.
Very simple, very logical, very scientific & technological approach.
Sometimes, it is really very difficult to get focused while studying or doing any creative work or learning anything new.
Specially, it'll be helpful for aged people's memory loss problem.

Excellent hunt ... Keep it up.

Awesome hunt ! Your hunt is now verified.

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Its so weird when you think sometimes these technology don't exist but they made it possible. Wow The future of technology is just roaring more and more. All in all love this technology especially for old ages will be helpful. Great hunt

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