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Enjoy this great ps4 game


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The world of the Atomic Heart is an alternative reality of the Soviet Union, or an alternative past, "says Bagratuni." For example, this is a game about everything that could have happened but it did not happen in the USSR between the 1930s and the 1960s.

History takes place in a reality where the USSR still exists, but there has been a technical revolution: robots, internet, holograms have been invented, but all these innovations are submerged in the atmosphere of communism, the confrontation with Western imperialism and all innovations. Political and social aspects of the time.

The protagonist is a Soviet KGB officer, this officer has mental problems to put it mildly, in fact, he is completely crazy, his team sent him to the 3826 Power Plant and he is waiting for the 3826 report to be intrinsically strategic: it produces Robots to work in the fields, harvest wood, harvest, keep everything at peace and work at home and in the restaurant



Hunter: @robotgirl36

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  • It has nice graphics and seems like an open world type of action rpg game which is cool to play.

  • It has a distinct story that seems compelling and fun to play for hours.


  • Nothing for this.

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