- Earn Bitcoin simply by building your farm

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Earn Bitcoin simply by building your farm



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BTCtown lets you build your farm and earn bitcoin at the same time. This makes earning bitcoin more fun and exciting.

There are three fields which include Farm, Barn and Hencoop you can work on to increase earning of bitcoins. You can buy product, plant vegetables, collect eggs, collect milk and expect ROI between 10% - 25%.

Referrals lets you earn 100% profit from their clicks and 10% bonus of their earnings. There's even Lottery to increase chances to win more Bitcoins.

Registration is free and you will be given free products with free bitcoin to help you start building your farm.


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Great faucet game :)

Playing game like farming is fun. It is great as it helps people to develop farm or little bit plantation in real life.
About 0.25 BTC reward after 1 month I am unsure as it is too much. Any way great hunt

At first I thought, we would build our real firm and earn bitcoin, but going through the details, its kind of a fun activity which would help us earn bitcoin. And earning 0.25 BTC per month by just planting up vegetables ( that too in the means of a fun game) is definitely a temptation :) I will give it a try, and see if all these are real.

Do you really think you’re going to earn .25 btc a month playing this game? Lol 😂

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