Spectacles 3 - Snapchats latest update to their Spectacles range

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Spectacles 3

Snapchats latest update to their Spectacles range



Hunter's comment

It is upgraded version of Spectacles V2 and it has some new cool features like Snapchats latest update and it has 2 cameras, 3 dimensions. It allows you to record what you can see and it Sun Glasses at the same time. Pre-order is live feel free to have one Fancy People...




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apart from the electronics in these glasses, they model looks super cool. a bit nerdy maybe, but that is cool fashion. hippie chic modern style so to speak :) we need one without the sunglasses as well, otherwise it'll be only a day and sun thing and would we not want to record what happens around us when the sun/daylight is away?

I was not sure at the beginning what is so extraordinary in this product! But after seeing the details it makes me feel wow. This is such a nice way to capture our surroundings. Also, it looks super cool. Nice find!



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