All Go - Carbon Fiber Electric Bike

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All Go

Carbon Fiber Electric Bike



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This is an electric bike designed by M2S bikes. This really a cool e-bike that is suitable for any location whether in the city or forest area. It a Lightweight e-bike and it is powerful too.


  • Powerful & Lightweight
  • Easy to ride
  • Digital Display
  • Elegent Design
  • Hydraulic Brakes
  • Top Speed: 25 miles per hrs
  • 20-45 miles run time
  • Torque: 65 Newton Meter

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Hunter: @robertt

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Another good thing about this bike were the LCD command center plus the removable battery that can be charge for 4 hours only. thanks

I like this electric bikes. I can go to my city using this bike. It looks simple and cool.

Great hunt!

I like this bike cause it ensures to stay safe with its dual disk brakes. It has a very stylish and cool design and on top of that users can use it as a electric bike or a regular bike which is great. Nice Hunt

the design of this bike look,s cool and also this is one of the amazing bike. the best thing about this bike is it,s top speed. you can drive it with the speed of 25 miles per hour

Besides being stunning must be a joy to jump on quick jumps with this. I have tried some e-bikes and they are just an amazing toy to play up into the impossible.

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Incredible Hunt Hunter !


1- This is an electric bicycle outlined by M2S bicycles. This extremely a cool e-bicycle that is reasonable for any area whether in the city or backwoods region. It a Lightweight e-bicycle and it is intense as well.
2- Great and Lightweight
3- Simple to ride
4-Computerized Display
5- Elegent Design
6- Pressure driven Brakes
7- Top Speed: 25 miles for every hrs
8- 20-45 miles run time
9- Torque: 65 Newton Meter


1- None

Bikes are a good way to move quickly especially in urban communities with lots of traffic. This my friend is a great bike with great engineering design

This one is special. Carbon fiber and light weigh is definitely an excellent combination for an electric bike. The hydraulic brakes are a pro as well.

Riding is going to be a lot more fun with this. The light weight makes it preferable to other similar products. Less emission to the environment and a really cool design. Commendable hunt.

All go e-bikes have a beautiful and elegant look covered in carbon. It can be used comfortably in the city and in the woods. Very light and powerful bicycle. Features include digital display, hydraulic brake and a lot more. Thanks.

I have seen bikes both here and in the real whole but not like this one which looks really cool. I should be getting this for my Christmas present. Thanks for sharing

E-bike for comfortable use on all terrains. It is preferred by many people because it has convenient means of transportation. Its not only for the transportation good, for the health also good. Cool product.

This is amazing hunt. Carbon Fiber Electric bike unbelieveble device. Technology give us the most powerful gadget. Excellent style and super speed make us more happy.

Its hydrolic brack is the new function for cycles. Its design and its power is very important thing in this cycle. Because cycle is the best thing for short travel .

I like it because due to it's carbon fibre frame it requires very less power to run in addition it also comes with lot of useful gadgets including digital speedometer which is great. Impressive Hunt

All Go is an advanced technology electric bike. It is a cool e-bike. The bike is very useful for traveling and a powerful bike. Beautiful Hunter.

How do I charge? And how much does this bike cost?

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Let this hunt shines on, this is a great bike hunt, you don't have to worry if the tyre is really going to walk pass the forest or cos this will walk in anything

I like how it is lightweight and the design too looks really futuristic its like we're living in the future.

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