The Battle of Wesnoth - Turn-Based Strategy Game

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The Battle of Wesnoth

Turn-Based Strategy Game







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The Battle of Wesnoth is a game with a fantasy game arrangement. Inspired by Sega Genesis of Monsters and Warsong games. The Battle of wesnoth is open source and can be played in various operating systems.

The game is hexagonal and has unique characteristics, which can benefit and disadvantage each character. The villages in this game can produce gold, and the gold is used to add troops. This game is designed with sigle and multiplayer modes.

Every troop you have will have a level of difficulty each based on the time of day, terrain map and so on. The contonya is; Trolls will be very difficult to fight against in the mountains.

This game has a variety of unique scenarios. However, your troops will not be transferred from one scenario to another. There are about 200 types of unitas in this game, 16 races, 6 main factions, and hundreds of years of history that you can play in this game.

Uniquely, we can also contribute in creating scenarios, units, maps in this game. And this game is also in the setting to be able to fight your game friends online.

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DesignerDavid White
Last release1.12.0 / 23 November 2014
GenreTurn-Based Strategy
ModeSingle or Multiplayer
ESRB RatingN / A



Hunter: @rizkiavonna

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Thank you @urbangladiator 😊
please let me know what I need to change. I will edit it.


  • It is a strategy type of a game
  • It can be a singleplayer or multiplayer
  • You can explore this game to have more adventure
  • With so much features in this game application


  • None for this awesome hunt


  • I love games like this so much.
  • This game is huge! 16 races is just massive!
  • Turn based strategy is pretty much my jam since I don't play twitch reaction games anymore.


  • Since it's a 2014 game, the community may have moved on already.

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I love this game. It is simple to play but hard to master and can provide a ton of fun, without the need to learn it for days, everyone could catchup basics very quickly and have fun.