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Real-Time Strategy Game







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O.A.D (ZERO EY DEE) is a Real-Time Strategy game that is currently under development by Wildfire Games.

O.A.D (ZERO EY DEE) is inspired by the same games as the Age of Empires game so there are so many similarities in this game.

In this O.A.D game you must take natural resources such as stone, wood, food and also iron to build and make troops of war.

What is unique about O.A.D is that you can choose many nations or cultures. There are 12 nations that you can choose in this game and with the concept of different buildings of course. And of the 12 nations certainly have their own advantages and disadvantages.

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  • It is a strategy type of a game
  • An open source game application
  • The theme uses old civilization
  • Having so much features can be advantageous


  • None for this amazing hunt

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