RetroPie - Build your retro-gaming machine

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Build your retro-gaming machine




Hunter's comment

Are you into retro gaming? Check out this amazing open source project. A complete retro gaming solution for you..

Start building your own retro arcade. see more info here

The newest version is RetroPie 4.4.

RetroPie allows you to turn your Raspberry Pi, ODroid C1/C2, or PC into a retro-gaming machine. It builds upon Raspbian, EmulationStation, RetroArch and many other projects to enable you to play your favorite Arcade.

Please let me know if you like this project. give me an upvote.

some video's how to install:

Some gameplay:



Hunter: @rival

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yeah i really love the retropie, especially on the raspberry pi 3b+ it runs like a dream! [VERIFIED!]


  • Helpful device for every Retro-Gaming Fan


  • Not friendly for new users
  • RecalboxOS is a serious rivalry with also great features

This kind of software that i really very much since i am a gamer and also love old games. It is good to bring back the memories from old times.

Pros :

  • Variety of retro games you can select from
  • Play with your classic games just like in home console and arcade
  • Easy and minimum to setup
  • A good way to turn your desktop or Raspberry Pi into a retro-gaming machine which will be a great entertainment.
  • Play with the old games you like which does not exist on new generation gaming platforms
  • It has a variety of tools to select from and configure your system to what exactly you want it
  • You may connect it with original controllers in a very easy way
  • Recommended for old time gamer

Cons :

  • Needed additional software once done setting up


  • Open Source
  • RetroPie means fun
  • Builds upon many projects


  • None


  • Easy to setup
  • Retro feeling when you also by the old controllers fitting to the pi
  • Easy to get games for
  • Resolution on screen. :D


  • It gives us the opportunity to play again all those games that we liked so much.
  • It is open source
  • If a person knows programming, has the opportunity to customize the system to your liking thanks to a large number of tools built into the system.
  • Constant updates
  • The user can build his own gaming machine.


  • There is no counter for something that is free.


  • Since this is an open source, it is free for all and anyone can add or customize games of their choice
  • This is a great comeback for the games we used to love
  • No need for joysticks to enjoy those retro games
  • A wide variety of retro games are available


  • The graphics seem a little bit outdated. It is still like playing a retro game during the medieval period
  • The interface itself is not that user-friendly.

open source
retropie allows me to be creative and have fun

no cons for this great item.

Identify and allow installing on Linux Mint Debian Edition and Deepin
Using Raspberry Pi for high performance
Use DIGMID support for MIDI playback on devices with no hardware MIDI Support
None as I can see


  • Lots of games that you can pick
  • Retro games is one of the best in the old days
  • An open source type of a game


  • Need to upgrade the graphics

I opened retro pie. I even downloaded it and I was amazed. As also a Computer Engineering student, I found it more interesting.


  • It is an Open source, of course it is free for everyone
  • Educational for New Gaming developers to enhance their skills and knowledge


  • If you are not a gaming developer, and you just want to discover new things. Their User Interface is somewhat hard to understand, it is complicated for other users, and also I find retro pie uncomfortable to use when using it because of its GUI.


  • retro pie attracts retro fanatics.
  • personally I was looking for these retro games (I still do love old school games hahah)
  • they have variety of retro games to choose from.


  • The product might not be catchy to the new generation because of its graphics and concepts.
  • may not be somehow competitive to virtual reality games.
  • having a hard time in understanding the interface.

Such a great hunt man.
here are my thoughts:


  • As a fan of arcade games back then, this would be interesting one to download and to have in my device.
  • Great software which is open source.
  • To top it all, it offers lots of retro arcade games, even if we are in our early 20s, we'd be able to feel like a kid with this application.


  • Nothing I guess. To those nazis in graphics they might find it awful.


  • Most developers would love an open source thing <3
  • Since I'm into retro gaming, I would say, this is the revision of the old days!
  • There are a lot of games available.
  • Has the most supported systems out of any retrogaming software for the Raspberry Pi.


  • If you are not into retro gaming, then you can say this so gross!
  • Not good really advisable graphics.


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I have retro pie on my Raspberry Pi, coolest thing ever. I play a ton of pokemon thanks to it. Really easy to use and setup. Recommended it to a ton of friends, I'm sure a ton more people will want to use it as they learn about it.

This project looks so cool! But i would like to have more information about this in your post ;) Anyway i like open source and retro so you'll get an upvote!


  • Open Source
  • Emulator
  • Pre-made image
  • Nostalgia


  • Not user friendly
  • It's not for an average gamer

Currently building a bartop, I choose Retropie as system. Mame games runs pretty well, and the config combinations are just infinite !
I'm so impatient to receive my buttons/joystick kit !

Identify and allow installing on Linux Mint Debian Edition and Deepin
Using Raspberry Pi for high performance
Use DIGMID support for MIDI playback on devices with no hardware MIDI Support
None as I can see

Great Great good good