ThisWay Bike - Bicycles that have a combined concept of bicycle and car

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ThisWay Bike

Bicycles that have a combined concept of bicycle and car



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This bike is a combination of bicycle and car. The design was created so that cyclists can relax without the need for overheating and rain. In addition, this bike will look bright at night because of the LED lights on the front and rear of the bike.


Built in composite materials (carbon or flax fibre) and some hydro-formed aluminium, this vehicle is very lightweight (approximately 11-12kg). It has built-in LED lights front and rear, powered by a rechargeable battery obtaining its power from roof mounted solar cells. For minimum maintenance ThisWay's built-in belt drive is well protected and all cables are hidden within the frame. A "hybrid" version (pedal power/electric motor) will assist in hills and additional battery packs can be plugged-in into the luggage connector to extend the range further. Source

Don't hesitate to visit the website, so you can find out more about this cool bike.



Hunter: @rijal123

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Hi @rijal123,

Thanks for yet another hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

PS: In future hunts, try to stay on the ‘right’ side of the own comments vs. quoted content in the hunt’s description. The ratio for this hunt is dangerously close to wrong and not every mod may approve that.

okay thanks for the attention and notice

Nice Hunt, Hunter.


  • I like the design and concept and to me this bicycle looks far more relaxing then conventional bicycles because it's seat is flat, wide and support the back.
  • The design of the rims is quite unique and attractive.
  • Suitable to drive in rainy seasons too.


  • It will be more appreciated if it comes with build in kickstand.

Combinating of a bicycle and a car is a great idea. The only question in my mind, standing on balance is difficult or not. By the way, great hunt.

This bicycle will help when one have no money to buy fuel, such cyclist will have to switch to cycling. The product is so unique

Great hunt

Wow really cool bike and according to its size, it is very light. I hope that is not too expensive

It is beautiful, practical, comfortable and the best is loaded with the sun ... excellent hunting


  • Hybrid bike and care.
  • Cool looking.
  • Solar charging


  • No kickstand

Using bicycle is always good for health. It gives you good exercise experience. The design of thisway bike is great. It gives you comfort with exercise. great hunt

Yes, thank for your feed back ;)

wow, what an amazing bicycle. it has a cool design, and different from other. thanks for sharing.

The combination of concepts that combine cars and bikes like this is really interesting and useful, as you say, it will keep us from the sun, but if it rains, will be another story, anyway, nice hunt.

How easy it is to pedal is going to be a factor. Still, I like the design. Too bad I am an artist and cannot afford anything outside of food and cannabis oil for my health concerns. Guess I will be on foot forever. Thanks for sharing this novel idea! Much love!

I hope you can have it, it's amazing

I hope I can survive the winter, lol.

A good solution for problems bikers face - namely no cover over their head in case of rain and no protection against severe sunlight.


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Looks like a nice step up from the traditional bike, but I don't know how comfortable I would be using this on the road with cars around. It's nice to have another option though. Good hunt

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