Raptor Platform Medium - Boat to accompany your fishing activities

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Raptor Platform Medium

Boat to accompany your fishing activities


Carpfishing Raptor Boats Platform - Tom Onincx & Willem Kwinten.gif

Hunter's comment

The Medium Camouflage Raptor Platform is a boat that you can use to go fishing or to camp above the lake. This boat is made with strong and durable material. This boat has a 40cm diameter tube section and 2 air chambers with a pressure relief valve.


This boat has several safety features, such as Airdeck, which makes the boat resistant to pressure and waves. This boat is also equipped with a tent, making you comfortable when traveling far at night.


This boat has a large room and Photography at Boat Fishing is available, making it easier for you to capture moments while fishing.




Hunter: @rijal123


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It's nice to have a boat equipped with features and can be used as a place to stay when night falls, amazingly I really like it

Thank you ;)

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okay thanks, edited

This looks pretty awesome. Now you have the option to camp in the woods or literally camp on the lake. Would be great to try, just not sure how comfortable I would be sleeping a foot above the water in this thing.

Hello, your hunt is cool!
Here is my personal comment for your hunt:


  • Very big
  • Can live on there
  • Very reliable
  • Very stable


  • None

Thank you very much! Looking for your new hunt.

Thank you ;)

extraordinary place
this is very innovative
very suitable for fishing lovers

thank for sharing @rijal1233

This place has many advantages :

  • To be used for installation of a small bivy/oval
  • Extra space next to another boat
  • Photography at Boat Fishing

Thank you ;)

This is some Metal Gear high level camouflage stuff dude! Tremble fish, because the boat is coming!

yes this is really true

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