New Renault KANGOO Z.E. 33 - Electric van, Efficient, Adaptable and Versatile

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New Renault KANGOO Z.E. 33

Electric van, Efficient, Adaptable and Versatile



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Electric cars from Renault offer electric-powered cars the same as diesel cars. This van has a large size, so it is very supportive for your activities.

To refuel electricity this van takes 6 hours to fully charge. To charge the car is very easy with a long charger cable so you can charge anywhere, home, terminal or workplace.

The advantage of this van is its operating costs, very cheap compared to other diesel vans, because it uses an electrical system.



Hunter: @rijal123

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I am very interested in seeing the latest design of the new Renault KANGOO ZE 33 model, very efficient.

less effective, which requires 6 hours of time to recharge the battery charger, and when it runs out of energy on the road, how is the solution

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