Hoverboard Electric Scooter R8 - Hoverboard Rooder Technology LTD

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Hoverboard Electric Scooter R8

Hoverboard Rooder Technology LTD



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Hunter's comment

R8 Electric Scooter Hoverboard is the same as other electric scooter Hoverboards, but this Hoverboard has advantages in the design section that uses full lights LTD so as to make the appearance more attractive at night.

Short Description:

Self balancing scooter 2 wheel smart electric hoverboard with upper LED
6.5 inch smart wheel
upper led light
optional: bluetooth, remote, bag, app, graffiti, camou color. source

Well, if you are interested in the advancement of Roder technology, then don't hesitate to visit the product website




Hunter: @rijal123


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sorry you have given us a url to a bulk ordering site/ecommerce site isntead of direct url product page -- we tend to list one product, one product page not to forms to bulk import products, this has been delisted.

Nice Hunt. I am looking to buy one of these but I need to know is Scooter R8 waterproof? Can you ride it in rain?

For this version there is no waterproof feature yet, for more information please visit the product website.

This type of products will be the future for short distance transport, in addition to having a very nice and modern model.

Thank you :)


  • Electric Hoverboard Scooter
  • Self Balancing, 2 wheel
  • Samsung battery, Rooder technology
  • Upper LED light
  • Max load 100 KG
  • Range 15-20 KM
  • charging time 203


  • None

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