Furo Sakura 2 - Robot to monitor work in extreme environments

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Furo Sakura 2

Robot to monitor work in extreme environments



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SakuraⅡ is a robot designed by Chiba Institute of Technology for activities in extreme environments, this robot has a hd surveillance camera that is very supportive of the activities of controlling and lurking in a project. This robot can carry loads up to 60 Kg by walking up to 1.5 Km / Hour.

Robot SakuraⅡ is shaped like a tank, and has a chain wheel, so it is very easy to explore all terrain areas to go up and down anywhere, this robot has dust and water resistant features, besides having a recording function, this robot can also help for light work.




Hunter: @rijal123


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Truly amazing innovation. Although, many lever- like bots have been invented to do tasks such as heavy lifting covering a long distance. However, this is truly innovative for its water and air resistance feature. Great hunt

Here is a new robot Furo Skura 2 , and by its features it will be useful if you want to monitor work in extreme environments. Cool hunt.

This product can be bought by government or rescue teams to use it for emergency. Or discovering something in a dangerous place. It has an intelligent body and moves are really good. Thanks for this interesting hunt.

AMAZING ROBOT!! What if you get a task and no one is able to monitor you where this ROBOT can save your life in order to monitor the given tasks. VERY WELL!!

Wow this is really cool. Having a robot monitor work for effectiveness on a given task. I really do think this hunt is beneficial. Thanks for the hunt!

seems like you have a thing for bots rijal
this just looks like a modernized WALE


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