SYLVANIA SMART + - Keep an eye on the lighting conditions of your room remotely

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Keep an eye on the lighting conditions of your room remotely



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this is a lighting product that you can control the lighting, this light bulb can help you increase efficiency, and help save time and energy. With this product you can change the look and feel of the room to suit your mood.

This SYLVANIA SMART + Bluetooth HomeKit product is very easy to install. After you attach the screw to the light bulb, then synchronize it with the Home application and start controlling your lights as you wish.

when you are away from your Smart Home, Room or room, Apple also makes it possible to control SYLVANIA SMART + with iOS 10 support as a home hub. With a home hub, you can set a schedule to turn on and turn off the lights when you are on vacation or when you go home at night.



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I get tired of turning off my light espyon a very stressful day. I really wish to have a bulb that I can control remotely

thanks for your feed back

One way to save energy is to turn off the lamps in your home if its lighting unnecessarily. If you do not have an intelligent home, you can have a semi-smart home by controlling the least number of lamps thanks to this product. Thanks to bluetooth you can control them via your smartphone

great hunting, really good, easy to install, you can control it to your liking, I like very much to cobder it so you are out of home, no problem if you are not at home, you can turn on the lights from your smart phone

Thank you :)

This application is great because we can have the light in our room depending on our mood, besides that if we forget to turn it off we can turn it off remotely and that is reflected in the light expenses of the month good hunting

It's good to controlling the light. We can change it easily depend out mood.. Great hunt

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