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Best writing mac app for all types of writers





Hunter's comment

  • Every time we write, we feel difficult.
  • This reduces the pain you feel every time you write.
  • It is easy to draw up an outline in advance or to combine multiple articles.
  • It's the right app to take notes of good ideas and include them in writing.
  • My favorite features are the cork board and View Documents Side by Side.
  • Especially, the function View Documents Side by Side saves you time.
  • Your writing works easily if you use the MacBook, iPad, and iPhone.
  • Recently, a version of Windows was released as well.
  • Price can be burdensome and buying separately from platform is a disadvantage.



Hunter: @ribai

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  • Support for Kindle
  • You can keep record for your chapters
  • Markdown editor


  • Only available for mac (they are working on windows)

Pros :

  • It offers an enhanced outlining
  • You can quickly find documents from main window by using its "Copyholders" features
  • You can export rich text into a multimarkdown or pandoc with no problem
  • You can easily keep track how much you have written each day using the built-in Writing Statistics
  • You can customized and improved metadata and allows you to add checkboxes, dates, list box and many others
  • It has improved Kindle export

Cons :

  • You need to pay for the cost before you can use it. $45 for new customers and $25 for those who are existing ones
  • As of now MacOS is the only one supported. Still developing on Windows support.


  • Great for content creators who have difficulties in letting their thoughts flow through words
  • The document viewing is very organized. This will help the user save more time in locating their writeups


  • I was expecting that this is free. There may be some counterparts for this who are offering it for free

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make wring easy and fun.
you can even comfortably write on IPhone or iPad.
Support Windows now.

nothing I can see.

Pros: all features that a writer need are included in one product, WOW! its a beast.
Cons: Nothing, it's really useful.

일단 저는 맥부터...ㅜㅜ
이번에도 화이팅!!!!!!

화이팅요!ㅎㅎ 오늘도 상위권하시길 ㅋ

이거 논문쓰는 사람들에게 엄청 좋겠는데요. 예전에 저도 논문 쓸때 정리하는 노트 따로, 모아둔 자료를 따로 관리했던 기억이 있습니다. 그래서 좀 힘들었던 기억이..ㅋ

This app is a perfect choice for those who are working on academic articles. Because they have to connect different ideas for multiple sources. This app facilitates the synthesizing process when writing articles with many different sources.

Since many writers are used to old ways of writing, it would take enormous hours to be accustomed to using this app. And if writers have to pay a lot of money for writing, it could also be a huge barrier.

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Scrivener is the best app for writers, ever.

This app is what I need on my iPhone & iPad!
A must app for all iPhone users!

아닛..! 리바이님도 스팀헌트를!ㅎㅎ 같은 스팀헌터끼리 당연히 응원해야죠. 풀봇으로 응원하고갑니다^-^

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오늘 순위권 가쯔앗!!!

Pros :

  • the right application for every writers to ease pain with their works
  • it 's easy to draw outlines and has the ability to combine articles
  • it works in Mac , iPhone or iPad

Cons :

It is currently available in Mac application only.

오늘도 좋은 결과있으시길, 스팀헌트 응원하고 갑니다 ㅎ

1등 가즈아~~

I have used this and really liked it.

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음 맥북 앱 같은 것도 되나보군요 ㅎㅎ
이쪽 분야도 알아봐야겠네요 ㅎㅎ


  • The product will help people of different groups
  • Looks really fun and useful
  • I want to have it right now


  • Limited target group

어제 마감 끝났나요? 저도 오늘 스팀헌터 써봤는데.. .이렇게 하는게 맞는건지, 다른 분들거 뒤늦게 보러다니고 있습니다. ㅋㅋㅋ 응원합니다!

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Good good resteem

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