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keyboardmaestro 8






Hunter's comment

  • There is a lot of work that needs to be done over and over again on a Mac.
  • This app reduces such repetitive tasks without any other programming.
  • It is significant that we can automate the work on the Mac.
  • This app helps you work with a single key on tasks that require multiple keys to be pressed sequentially.
  • Personally, I have set the devonthink to be linked to this app and set it to do the repetitive task with one key.


  • You can open a safari and join the team at once with the short keys.

  • However, it seems necessary to change UI more conveniently.

  • Keyboardmaestro 8 is available in Mac version only.

  • It is a paid program, but I think it is not too expensive to increase the efficiency of my work.



Hunter: @ribai

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Wow, it looks cool.


  • reduces repetitive task without programming
  • makes your works efficient with a single key
  • affordable price considering that it can do


  • available ony in Mac Os

Thanks for your hunt.

Great hunt @ribai

Pros :

  • The messaging option can be used to send messages.
  • The price is very cheap
  • It supports macros thus avoiding need of repeating things again and again

Cons :

  • The device supports only Apple mac system


  • This will have a nice impact
  • Amazing looking product
  • I would enjoy to have this at home :D


  • Nothing


  • The product is totally awesome
  • Easy to use and get started
  • Awesome design / usability


  • I can't say anything bad about it


nice design keyboard.
perfectly match with Mac computer.
reasonable price.



This is the most important point I like from Maestro 8 keyboard

The simplest things, like typing your email address, or going to Gmail or Facebook, launching a Page, or doubling a line, all take time. But with the Maestro Keyboard 8 this is a simple thing that takes a lot of time to be faster

Maybe the purpose of this Maestro Keyboard 8 do not waste your time on typing is so inefficient,

because time is money.


With the above advantages I think there is no cons at all. nice hunt

Keep up the hunt!
Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 3.34.37 PM.png

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Pros :

  • It can be a new assistance system which can relly help solves problems with some triggering macros
  • It can be a machine learning where it learns actions, tokens and even macros
  • You can also use its new SMS or iMessage actions that able you to send messages to your friends and other people in your contacts list
  • You can easily drag macros and put them into actions
  • It has more functions and features making it one of the best keyboard

Cons :

  • None for this item

현재 3위 라비로 가즈아~!

스팀헌트 상위권 가즈아~~
이번에 정책이 바뀌어서 어떻게 될지 예측이 어렵네요.

안녕하세요 ribai 님, 오늘도 화이팅입니다^^

와 그래도 다른 것들보니 보상이 괜찮네요. 1등을 향해서 가즈아~~~


부탁 하나 드려봅니다. 중간에 흐릿한 이음선 넣는 방법을 잘 모르는데요, 어떻게 하는 지 설명 좀 부탁드려요. 그리고 맨 끝에 STEEM 단어가 중간에 위치하게 만드는 방법은 어떻게 하는 건가요?

설마 스팀잇에서 글쓰시는거에요??? 그게 아니라 에서 스팀계정을 연결해서 스팀헌트라는 사이트에서 글 쓰시면 되요

스팀잇에서 포스팅 하는 것이 아니었군요, 크헉~~

흐릿한 이음선의 경우에는 "--- "요거를 위에 글씨 없게 한줄 띄우고 쓰면 되는 것으로 알고 있습니다.

요로코롬 말이죠

글씨 바로 다음줄에 --- 를 넣으실 경우 큰 글씨로 써집니다.

프리뷰에 나오는 모습 보시고 적용되게 잘 써지는지 확인하시고 올리시면 됩니다.

프리뷰 오른쪽 상단에 마크다운 설명서에 더 여러 기능에 대한 소개가 나와있습니다.

스팀헌트에 포스팅 올리는 것은 하루에 한개씩 갯수가 제한되어져 있는가요?

아뇨 그건아닌데 헌트라는게 심사를 받아서 지워질수도 있구요. 여러개올리는것보다 하나올려서 보팅받는게 효율적이라서 그러는거죠 ㅎㅎ

가즈아!!! 1등!! 보팅파워 회복기다리느라 좀 늦게 왔네요.

오잉.. 왜 승인 되었다는 코멘트가 아직도 없는걸까요?

엇 그러게여 정책바뀌고나서는 좀 유해진다는 이야기를 들었는데... 승인 되었으면 좋겠네용 ㅜ-ㅜ..

승인 가즈아~

왜 승인을 안해주는거져.. ㅠ-ㅠ..흑흑흑

그러게여... 저는 오늘 다행스럽게 승인 났네요.
이거 뭐 시험 치는 느낌 ㅋㅋㅋ

응원합니다 ^^

응원하고 갑니다!ㅎ

Here's my review for this hunt :


  • New Assistance system solves problems with triggering macros, and enhanced search in the Help menu takes you straight to the documentation.
  • Keyboard Maestro learns which actions, tokens, functions or macros you wish to trigger or select by name to allow you to select them more quickly.
  • Download text or images from remote web sites as part of your macro automation, or trigger remote activities or remote macros.

Cons :

  • No cons as it is very helpful.

스팀헌터 1등을 향해 ~~~`

감사합니다 10등 안에만 들면 좋을것같습니다 ㅠ-ㅠ..

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