Pegase - Flying Car, Crazy but Romantic

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Flying Car, Crazy but Romantic

Screenshots (pegase).gif

Hunter's comment

  • Flying car - innovative mobile solution on ground and in the air
  • No need runways or airfield facilities:
    take off and land on everywhere with the authorization of the owner
  • Also good to drive on rough fields with its lightness, good ground clearance, performing suspension system and limited-slip rear differential

Looks crazy but it's kind of romantic, isn't it?

Vaylon suggest new way of mobility that allows going beyond the road and airport constraints.

Just like what they say on the website, you can imagine Pegase is inspired by Jules Verne!

This adventure gathers all the Jules Verne’s novels aspects: entrepreneurship, scientific investigations, curiosity, adventure and courage.

Video source: Youtube channel by Vaylon



Hunter: @replayphoto

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Its an awesome idea. You have your car and you can use it also for fun. It can fly :)) I don't know if its romantic but its must be full with adrenaline. Must be a great experience to try it.

Thanks, we need adrenaline though it's not always but sometimes :)

Pegase is really crazy car, but I am not sure if it is Romantic, I guess I m not brave enough to get one it, hahaha, by the way great hunt.

Me either, but I really want to try. Thank you!

Wow, impressive hunt and giving us thoughts about this flying car. It is impressive in a way it was made but i think this vehicle is only applicable in an open area but totally, it was a very good hunt @replayphoto !

Yes, it's more for adventure than everyday drive. Thanks

This must be one of the exciting thing to do ever. I don't know if I can dare to use it because its little bit scary. Only watching the vide was enough for me :) Thanks for sharing.

Watching the video might be not enough someday...? :D
Thanks for leaving a comment!

This is absolutely breath-taking, a car that can fly and still move on land?....the things we see on sci-fi movies are gradually coming to reality. Great hunt.

Sci-fi comes to reality - maybe that's why to live longer. Thanks!

This is awesome.
It is cool to read about Pegase (Flying Car).
No need to worry much about traffic or broken bridge with the invention of Pegase (Flying Car)

keep hunting.

Thanks, only hope not to become crowded even in the sky :D

We see so many engined flying cars but this one is different from them hahaha, but intelligent idea. Awesome hunt.

Thanks for your comment!

WOW I love this. I want this Now there would be no more the road problems.
No traffic problems. Just imagine the possibilities. And imagine the future everyone is plying.
Its exciting. Good luck great hunt

Thanks, only hope it's not to be crowded in the sky :)

WOw this thing is so amazing!!!!
Flying car is so outstanding ! This is the future guys. Everyone is gonna have Pegase few years later......!!!!
I want one for me too. and yea its romantic!
Amazing hunt!!!

Thanks, I'll need my Pegase in the near future lol

This is lovely.
Can't just keep imagining how technology is making life worth living.
Pegase is another means through which one can enjoy a cool adventure.
"Flying car" so cool.

Yes, we need adventure with "Pegasus"! Thanks

Wow this is an incredible flying car and i like the way it uses a paraglider wing to get airborne which means it's also much more lightweight than a “conventional” flying car, uses less fuel and needs less space to take off and land. Super Hunt.

Yes, I think lightweight is the key of flying. Thanks for comment!

A very useful vehicle, if it manages to commercialize worldwide and is a success, we will say goodbye to the vehicular chaos that is made on the roads, great hunts, greetings ..

Thanks for your kind comment :)

This flying car is really interesting and amazing.
I think it's important how safe it is.

Yes, it really is - actually looks a bit dangerous but attractive :D
Thanks for your comment 감사합니다!

WOW!!! Flying car? Risky but it looks so thrill to get on it!
Nice hunt!
@feelsogood님, @replayphoto님 그리고 저는 kr의 헌트 삼총사 이네요 ㅋㅋㅋ

I'd love to get on and fly!
삼총사 화이팅! ㅎㅎ 앰프 보러 곧 갈께요~

a flying car What we've only seen in old movies is now approaching reality. It looks small, but I believe in a few years, there will be more and more great products.
I'd like to make it safer.

Yes, I love the way it looks like from an old movie, though safety could be an issue.
Thanks for your support and comment 감사합니다!

Really exiciting idea, I love it! I am looking forward to try it! Thanks for hunt!

Hope you can have a chance to fly with it lol

You're right about the crazy part. Lol! I probably won't be riding one soon, but I love the idea! Definitely not for your average driver. It looks like a car for adventurists and those who can handle hang gliders. My favorite part is the Jules Verne inspiration, from the looks to the way they conducted the test flight. It also looks like something out of a steampunk novel.

Thanks and you're right too, it's very steampunky and that's what I love so much! lol

I love the concept of a car taking off in the air and fly and the Pegase is a beatiful looking car. I wonder how much it costs?

Thanks and I'm wondering, too.
It seems their business is leisure aviation sort of thing, not selling the car itself - not yet :)


  • very great

  • very innovative

  • very nice.


  • none

Thanks for your comment!

A car that can fly? Wow, but had to have special license to handling with this fly car. It's a great design than can fly the car..

Maybe we'll need the licence in the near future! Thanks

Having more ground clearness.
It can even run well in a rough surface.
The ability fly and also run like a taxi on road is one of the unique way.


Thanks for your comment!

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This looks like a whole lotta fun. I don't think it would ever be legal though cause this could cause a whole lot of disasters if the general public adopts this. Pretty cool though. Good hunt