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Sharing Messages With Apps Is Scheduled



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For those of you who often forget to post or post something you should not forget to install the latest app this one. (Scheduled) will automatically send messages you have scheduled on various platforms.

You can use Scheduled on various other messaging applications like Facebook Messenger, LINE, WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter.

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yeah sometimes we do need to automate messages, when we are running late on time, also I think when it comes to automated social media handling ,scheduled is a bit easy to use and relatively less costly.

Hi @remajaatjeh,

Thanks for your hunt. Before I can consider approving it, I must request that you change the product link (through the Steemhunt website) to point at:

Here at Steemhunt we prefer the regional website over any App Store listing link as the website may offer links for users of other platforms as well.

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Great hunt
Pros: -

  • It has inviting and smooth interface and very simple functionality.
  • It can be a handy tool for messaging people on their birthdays.
  • It works with multiple messaging platforms.

Cons: -

  • SMS auto-send option requires a $0.99/month subscription.

I have changed the link you requested, thank you for reading and giving input.
Thanks you

Approved. Apologies for the late handling of your edit, I didn’t;t spot this before because the comment wasn’t a reply (I do not have GINA notifications for tagging).

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