PUPBO - Lifelike RobotDog-Teach 12 different trick via voice command

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Lifelike RobotDog-Teach 12 different trick via voice command



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You can name your dog, and also personalize up to 12 different commands in your own secret languages for lifelike poses.

Not just a toy, it's a pet robot dog. Kids can see their emotions and health status through the app. Also, the dog can show their emotions through different expressions.




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Thanks 😊

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cool just due to voice command. i am sure this is really interesting for kids fun.

Thanks for your feedback.

Great Hunt

Hello, I really appreciate your effort & Here is my opinion-

It sounds awesome that it can be personalized and could be a great gift for kids. But I don't have one :grinning:

Thank You & Happy Hunting :-)

Thanks for your feedback.

I think this is a cool and learningful toy for kids and because it look like a toy so kids are going to love it. nice find @rem-steem

Thanks for your feedback.

You can say, i am a kid lover, :grin:

First, i vote the hunt above it that can teach 6 kind of things, now your hunt is 12 things,,, haha same cool product for me.

He he he... yeah, I know.
Thanks for your feedback!

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Great Hunt! This is a great robot for kids to make them busy and engaged with these robotics toys. However, it has a lot of great features that we can personalize it and also kids can their health and emotions status from the app sounds good

Thanks for your nice feedback.

Wow you share an amazing hunt and this robot it very good for every children.

Thanks for your feedback.

I must confess that this is really cool because it is a great idea since it is a voice control system.
That makes it much easier to control. Thanks for the hunt

Thanks for your nice feedback.

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I’d love to see how the Smart Bone works. @rem-steem
Now, PUPBO let’s me choose whether I want a loyal or a friendly puppy. 🐶Fortunately, all my flesh & blood puppies have been both. 😊

Great to know that. Thanks 😊