Babysizer - Compare your baby size

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Compare your baby size



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This website tells you the size of your baby. Pregnant women can know the size of their baby every week. It is a baby tracker which track your baby size and give answer in fun way.


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Haha, looks like fun for sure. Will help calm down some anxiety that mums face.

This is a quite a useful application for a mother, now she will knows completely about the exact size of baby by comparing with others.

Haha seems interesting! How will a mother feel when she will see such a funny baby pics while tracking the size? :D The expected women would love to use this track as they are more concerned with the weight.

Nice Hunting!

Giving birth to kids is not easy and women has to suffer a lot in this 9 month period, they need to take extra care of themselves and also the baby which is growing inside them, Issues like irregular baby may arise but can be tackle after knowing with the help of this product.

This app is something which most of women's would be needing to see that is the growth of your baby is normal or not.

Nice hunt.

Concept behind this looks nice and hope this will be beneficial for women who are pregnant. Nice hunt

Being mom is a lovely experience. Expected mom loves to think about the weight and growth of new born in womb. Babysizer is a great gift for new mom it will keep them knowing about the activity in womb and baby growth. Nice hunt

LOL seems nice one that you can now track the size of an unborn baby in advance sounds good, i think this will be helpful for mothers to expect their unborn baby size nice find


  • very helpful for pregnant ladies.
  • Easy to use.
  • NOt much expensive.
  • Help you prevent difficulties during pregnancy.


  • non.

I didn't remember if there was any app like this in my time but happy to know about it.

Very helpful tool , specially for new mins which not having experience for stuff like that . I think you found a great hunt my friend

Wao expecting mothers are gonna love it. Expecting new one is a special time for parents especially for mothers and they want to know how is their baby is doing.

its very important for a pregnant woman to check out of the baby size and do treatments accordingly so its good for mom and baby both :)

This is really good.
When the baby is getting so big, the mother can know and take necessary caution.

Seems quite funny
If the website show size of baby bigger than her size, then mom gonna kill herself.

It's good for expecting mothers to know the size of their baby especially those that don't want to give birth through CS so that they will able to avoid their babies having extra weight that can cause difficulties in delivery

For what is worth, this app would be special for pregnant women, to keep a tab on irregular baby size through their journey to giving birth

I had one of a similar app when I was pregnant. It helps to resemble the size of our baby like an apple or a honeydew. LOL..I don't know what they are gonna show in this app but it's fun.

I need this app as an expecting mum for my baby weight management.yhanks for hunting


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