Open Money - Business Banking Simplified

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Open Money

Business Banking Simplified



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Open is Asia’s first neobanking platform that helps SMEs and startups to automate business payments, banking and accounting in one place. Open offers a unified interface with integrated features like a payment gateway, smart invoicing, automated accounting, reconciliation tools, and VISA business cards for expense management.


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Open Money is good for new age businesses

What a great and amazing hunt. I am also using this app about increase my knowledge about banking field. Really very cool hunt. Thanks for sharing.

Great banking for business and they will like it

It is one stop solution for all payments, accounting and expense management. I have really loved it also it helped me a lot in my new business. Kindly use it in web page for better experience.

What a cool initiative! This should help simplify various accounting and banking tasks for small and medium businesses.

This is really amazing hunt this can be helpful to all people whi wants to be a part of this platform this can be game changer in the future

This will be helpful for those starting their own business. They will be able to pay easily and get their invoice. Nice hunt.

They have very poor support system ! Last month I opened account with the Open money n I got the Dabit card from them , so i thought thy have smooth system

It's cool if we have this app

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