Don't touch my phone - Motion alarm app to safeguard your phone

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Don't touch my phone

Motion alarm app to safeguard your phone


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Hunter's comment

We keep so much important data in mobile phone and would not want anyone to use. This app makes it possible. No-one will try to touch your phone.

Don't touch my phone is the anti theft mobile app that detects motion when someone tries to touch or disconnect the charger of your phone without your permission. This is the most reliable Safety Alarm for your cellural device. Dont Touch My Phone - Theft Alarm with password is the best for Mobile Lock 2019 as well with great imei device tracker.


Watch video for more details.


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This app one kind of sefty like if any one go to outside keep the charging and on this app then others person if touch this phone then it doing sound,i used it bebefore there have a level for setings.nice one hunt.

Yes. Its nice safety app for our phones.


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I wish we had an app that can zap people like a taser for people who touch our phones

haha. Even I wish the same but currently this app is there which saves the phone.

thats very nice app.... i will try this... thnks for sharing @reeta0119

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yes Gargi. Its worth trying. thanks


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