Correct Spelling - Now speak the word and get its spelling

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Correct Spelling

Now speak the word and get its spelling


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Hunter's comment

Avery common problem that we struggle with word's spelling manytimes as we know the word but not exact spelling. This app solves this problem. How-

Speak the word or sentence in your mic and see its correct spellings on your screen.
Easy to use application for English language.
Finding the spellings of difficult words or phrases is not a worry know.
No need to carry an English dictionary with you.
Touch on the mic symbol and speak your word or sentence.
Covers all the English language words.
No need to memorize difficult words.



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boom! this ought to be in trending page.. many people suffer from abilities to spell a word correctly and some people do forget how to spell certain words they can spell due to reasons... this is a great helping tool. awesome dear

This is very helpful and I use it quite often. Glad you liked it.

Most of user not English native and they stuck in spelling mistake. But correct spelling provide helps to its your to speak any word and get into text.

Well said. Because English is not native language so people face problems and this app helps a lot. Thanks

A great app for those who are learning English language as this will give you the spelling of the words or sentences when you speak into the mic of the phone. Handy to have when you are writing something and you forget the spelling.

Absolutely correct said about this app. This is handy and one can get the spelling whenever needed. Thanks

In fact, such applications help us in the field of English Grammer. These helps in reality improvements. Sometimes the red color is made on the Miss Spellt, which causes that the spelling is not correct. Yes, those who are using this application, will improve their speaking skills.
Wonderful hunt.

I am agree with @salmannaqvi everyone is not exfert with all language and English is the international language but some peoples as like me mistake spelling, cause English in not native language for all countries.Help full hunt...

Thanks for your kind words. Glad you liked it.

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this looks helpful but most times i think if i don't know the spelling of a word, i am not going to say it correctly. also does it understand accents?

There's no such restrictions in accent as I use it in Indian accent and it works fine.

That's great then. Then it can be used by more people.

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Correct Spelling seems to be speech to text repackaged. I’m assuming that speech to text apps spell correctly. 😊 Interesting Hunt, though! @reeta0119

Hi @nigelmarkdias yes its very helpful app. Thanks.