Wireless Headphones - Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones for Sports

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Wireless Headphones

Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones for Sports



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  • When you need that special playlist to take your workout to the next level, noise cancelling blocks out distractions – like the sounds of the gym or the street. So it's just you and the beat.

  • Ambient Sound Mode keeps you in the moment while you're moving. Mixing the music you love with the sounds of your environment, enjoy your favourite tracks and still hear your workout buddy or stay aware when running outside.

  • With an IPX4 rating thanks to the protection material, splashes and sweat won’t stop these headphones – or your workout.

  • Extensively tested in real workouts, these earbuds come in four sizes for a secure fit that adjusts to your ears. Plus, the silicon support fitting makes sure they stay comfortably in place.

  • Boost your beats – and your performance. EXTRA BASS™ delivers powerful, punchy low-end sound, giving you the drive to keep going.

  • Conversation flows freely with easy, hands-free calling. Leave your phone where it is, just speak with a click.




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Frees up space around your body

Frees up time spent untangling the wires from conventional headphones


The batteries die and have to be recharged

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